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Lunch break and a stream of conciousness post: Today was exceptionally perfect.  Five minutes from my office is one of the largest parks in Johnson County and I try to go there for lunch every day.  It needs to be storming or … Continue reading

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weekend sewing: A new use for an old shirt: A blanket for Baby Liam: And a birthday gift for Amy, but you don’t get to see all of that one yet…

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Frequently I will read a book and I find it inspiring in an “I can do that” kind of way.  I recently read a collection of short stories, and it motivated me, not just because the stories were great, but also because they weren’t … Continue reading

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Ms. B has inhaled Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  Opened her mouth and shoved the whole mess down in a little over two days.  She also insisted that I read it with her so we could “have a … Continue reading

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Something needs to be done about the tomato problem around here: Don’t mind the dirt; it washes off.  My first attempt at a vegetable garden has been, perhaps, a little too successful.  Learning how to can may be an advisable … Continue reading

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finishing is harder. In 2007 I made a New Year’s Resolution:  I decided it was time to start sharing my writing.  Since freshman year of high school I had not shared any of my fiction.  Not a page, not a … Continue reading

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starting is hard.

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