We finally used up the last of the zucchini:


This recipe has been a favorite of mine this summer and fall, mainly because it has been great for using up all of the vegetables from the garden.  It’s different every time.  Sometimes I add shrimp or cut up chicken and its a meal by itself.  Sometimes its just a side dish.  I always start with zucchini because, lately, I always have zucchini.  Earlier in the summer I would add halved cherry tomatoes and jalapenos when those were taking over the kitchen.  Now I add bell peppers and corn (Andy’s Candy Corn, from Nebraska, cut off the cob, nom), which is how I made it last night:

Ingredients:  Olive oil; minced garlic; zucchini, quartered and sliced; red bell pepper, chopped; corn, salt and pepper

Directions:  Heat the olive oil in the skillet.  Add the minced garlic, zucchini, and bell pepper.  Cook just until the zucchini starts to cook through.  Add the corn and cook for another minute or two, just until heated through.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Goodbye Zucchini, until next summer.  You will be missed…  Maybe…  A little time apart might be a good thing.

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My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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