Peanut Update:

Ten weeks today.  The Peanut is about an inch and a half long.  It’s bones are starting to develop this week, and it also can flex its arms.  This has lead to numerous body building jokes around the house.  (At our 8 week sonogram, D and I thought the baby looked like a peanut, and the nickname stuck.  Ms. B thought that the sonogram looked generally like a drumstick.  More specifically, “Drumstick-with-a-bite-taken-out-of-it.”  Unfortunately, for Ms. B. this nickname stuck as well.  Which means, when I pick her up from school, I get questions like, “What is the drumstick-with-a-bite-taken-out-of-it doing today?”

I haven’t had any “morning sickness” for about a week; I’m hopeful that we’re through that particular bit of nastiness.  I’m still tired all the time.  Last night I made it to 9:30 before telling D I had to go to bed.  “Wow.  This is a late night for you…” he teased.  I sheepishly told him that I had been asleep on the couch for the past twenty minutes.   I was just proud I was able to stay up later than Ms. B.  Sure, it was only by about 15 minutes…   My brain also seems to be shot.  I’ve taken to leaving work files that I need to take home in my office doorway.  The theory is that I have to actually step over the files to leave in the evening.  What kind of idiot wouldn’t notice the files she’s tripping over to leave in the evening?  Number of evenings last week in which I stepped over the files, failing to bring them home:  2.  This doesn’t sound so bad, until I realize that I only tried this trick two times last week.  Sigh.

D. is adamant that we need to keep a “belly log” by taking a shot of my growing belly each week.   This sounded like a great idea until it came time to take my picture.  

Right now I don’t feel pregnant.  I just feel fat.  But trust me when I say that about six weeks ago I peed on a stick and the next morning I woke up and I had gained ten pounds.  D talked me into doing this by allowing me to take his “belly shot” too.  Those pictures are hysterical, D really knows how to work it.  Unfortunately for you guys, I value my life and my marriage too much to post them here.

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2 Responses to twenty

  1. ames says:

    Ahh! I can’t wait to meet your The Peanut.

  2. Judy Hilton says:

    The Peanut Journal is wonderful! Grammy

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