Peanut Update:  Eleven Weeks

The Peanut started developing toenails and fingernails this week.  After starting to develop bones last week, I had to stop myself from saying “Is that all?” this week.  The main change is that the baby is really moving now, flipping and turning, although at two inches “tall” it’s still too small for me to feel anything.

My clothes, particularly those for work, are starting to feel tight.  Although I haven’t gained much weight, when I look down my belly is a crescent moon slowly trying to eclipse my feet.  Last weekend I went shopping with Ms. B., hoping to find a wrap dress that I could wear to work through this awkward in between phase.  I was completely unsuccessful, buying nothing for myself and, of course, buying clothes for Ms. B. instead.  It’s my own fault;  I shouldn’t have picked a shopping buddy whose idea of ‘helping’ was to say things like, “OMG Mom, totally cute.  You should buy it.  Can we go to my section now?”

Actually, though, Ms. B. has been incredibly helpful lately.  This evening she carried in the heavy grocery bags, including a big bag of dog food, and helped me put everything away, without a single request from me for help.  I went upstairs to change into sweat pants (my current favorite part of the day) and when I came back down she was washing the dishes.  By hand.  Then she cooked me dinner:

She’s making me Grammy’s hamburger casserole.  Total comfort food.  And she seriously did it all by herself.  I just took it out of the oven at the end.  When the pan started to sizzle, Ms. B. said, “Ooh, I think it’s excited.”

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t limits to what Ms. B. is willing to do to help.  She has informed us that she will only change the Peanut’s diaper if it is a girl, and she wants fifty cents per diaper.  (Upon hearing of Ms. B.’s offer, a friend of ours said, “I would make that deal.  I would make that deal today.  In writing, so she can’t raise her price once she’s actually changed one…”)

Despite Ms. B’s concerns about future diaper duty, the overall mood is one of excitement.  Friday, while I was making breakfast, Ms. B. came up behind me.  She reached around, a pair of chopsticks in her hand, and waved them in my face.   A rolled up piece of paper was between the sticks.

“It’s from my fortune cookie last night, but I think it’s for you,” she explained.  I unrolled the piece of paper:

“Good thing is coming to you.”

I smiled at Ms. B.  “I think,” she said with her own crooked smile, “it has something to do with. . .” and she shook her finger at my belly before skipping off.

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2 Responses to twenty-three

  1. ames says:

    That Ms. B. She’s killing me here. Lovely post!

  2. Judy Hilton says:

    OMG! Totally cute! What a treasure.

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