Peanut update:  Twelve Weeks (A little late…  Tuesday night was the “Lost” première.  Cut me some slack, a girl needs her priorities…)

The Peanut is 2 1/2 inches “tall.”  The systems already in place continue to develop.  Fingers and toes are continuing to separate, the digestive system is starting to practice contractions, and the bone marrow is starting to produce white blood cells.  If stimulated, it will squint its eyes or open its mouth.

The major development this week is that we had our 12 week doctor’s appointment where we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.  It was such a relief.  As my morning sickness and exhaustion had eased (typically considered a “good thing”) I had started to develop this unspoken fear that something was wrong.  Hearing that scratchy “thub thub thub” made it real and let me breathe a sign of relief.

Also at our appointment I learned that over the last four weeks I had gained exactly one pound.  One.  “Really?”  I said, stepping off the scale and running my hands over the too-tight waistband of my pants.  “Is that all?”  I mean, what is all the rest of this extra space I’m taking up?  Am I simply filling up with air?  My middle blowing up like a balloon?

This week, as our first trimester wraps up, we told Ms. B it was okay to start telling some of her friends about the Peanut.  She decided she wanted to drag out the enjoyment.  Each day as I would take her to school she would speculate as to which lucky friend would hear the news that day.  And when I would pick her up at the end of the day, she would chatter on about how each friend reacted.  It was the highlight of her week.  Earlier in the week a dusting of snow fell while she was at school.  When I picked her up she wondered if she might get a snow day at school the next day.

“I doubt it,”  I said.  “And besides, you don’t want too many snow days or you’ll just have to stay in school longer in the summer.”

“No,” Ms. B answered, and I waited for her to tell me why there was no such thing as ‘too many snow days.’  “I don’t want a snow day because I have too many people to tell about the Peanut!”

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  1. Judy Hilton says:

    These posting continue to be so lovely. Thanks

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