Peanut Update: 13 and 14 weeks

The Peanut is about the size of a fist (Whose fist? I don’t know.  This is around the time when the differences in growth of each different fetus becomes distinct enough that it becomes difficult to make universal estimates of size).  The last two weeks saw the development of the Peanut’s vocal chords and hair.  (I’m hoping for dark curls from D’s side.  Or is there any hope for Kelly red from mine?)  It’s range of movement continues to become more refined.  It can now make small motor movements like wiggling its fingers and toes.  It’s spine also continues to straighten out, looking more like a baby and less like a curled up seashell. 

There really hasn’t been much to report on my end of things.  I just keep growing.  D left for a business trip and was surprised at the change in my appearance over just a few days when he returned.

Oh, that’s a little humbling.  Besides getting fat, and craving lots of oranges and cottage cheese, I’ve been awkwardly making my way around my office and trying to explain to my mostly male superiors why anyone would not want to be on the five to seven-year partnership track.  It’s not a conversation I think I’m likely to win and I’m not sure how I’m going to feel  if/when I lose.  Well,  I know how I’ll feel: I’m not going to be okay with it.  I think the bigger problem is that I don’t know what to do about it. 

In Ms. B news, she has again started making clothes for her dolls.  This is something she picks up and puts down again every few months and I’m always impressed by what she creates.  The other night I wandered into her room where she showed me what she had been working on that evening:

At which point I start saying things like, “And you’re sure you want to be a vet when you grow up?  I think we need to go visit Cousin Julee in New York City…”

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2 Responses to twenty-five

  1. Judy Hilton says:

    Thanks for the update on Peanut. As always, impressed with Ms. B’s talents.

  2. Cousin Julee says:

    Awwww please come visit! I think D, mommy and peanut need alone time. Send Ms. B to me!!!

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