You will have to bear with me for a little bit longer.  I have several posts back-logged, but they all involve pictures which are stored on my home computer (including one with some much-anticipated sonogram shots where we learn that the Peanut is a…. Girl!).  Where the internet is currently down.  And I’m lazy.  So I don’t find a USB stick or CD to burn the pictures and bring everything to work.    And you are left waiting. 

But, to tide you over, I give you this writerly link from Slate.   As a ‘writer,’ I always find it encouraging to see bits of myself in the habits of other writers.  And boy do I identify with Agatha Christie in this one.  In some areas of my life I can be obscenely organized (my work files being the most immediate example).  Unfortunately, my writing is not one of those areas.  In fact, it’s probably where I am the least organized.  I’m an unequivocal  mess. 

I have to start writing any story by hand.  Although it takes more time, writing my first draft on a computer has just never worked for me.   I have tried using a single notebook to write a single story, but it always falls apart.  After a few days I start jotting down other story ideas in the margins.   Or grocery lists.  Or to-do lists, which can be for the day, the week, or my life.  Or I will be so distracted by something going on in my life that I will just throw in a journal entry instead.  Ms. B. draws pictures in my notebooks.  We play games of tic tac toe in my notebooks while waiting for her dad.  I write down phone numbers and appointments.  Or I will leave the notebook at home and will write down a scene on a legal pad, but then tear it out and stick it in my first notebook.  And before long, I’m carrying around this ratty, nasty notebook with scraps of paper falling out, which contains everything that has been important to me for the past month. 

I used to feel bad about this.  Like, I didn’t care enough about my writing to even keep its notebook nice.  Now, I feel a little bit better.   Thank you, Agatha Christie.

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One Response to twenty-nine

  1. ames says:

    This reminds me so much of those life-notes we took every day back in second year. And also, I believe, fourth year.

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