We made it.  Spring has arrived.  I am back at the park for my lunch hour and the weather has been so beautiful it has been difficult to return to work at the end of the hour. 

It seems like a fitting time to learn at our 20 week sonogram that the Peanut is a girl.  A girl!  D. was the only one to guess (out loud any way) that the Peanut was a girl.  I had been so much sicker, so much more tired, that I had sworn the Peanut was a boy.  It turns out that  this may have more to do with the fact that I’m ten years older.  Or, the Peanut is ornery.   

Her ornery-ness is evidenced by the way she has chosen to arrange herself in the womb:  At last check, she was folded neatly in pike position, her legs sticking straight out.  Perhaps she is practicing to become an Olympic diver when she grows up?  More likely explanation:  she’s just trying to impede my ability to take a full deep breath.  See. Ornery.

Finding out the Peanut is a girl has led to an ongoing conversation about names for the Peanut,  So Ms. B can be forgiven for occasionally getting confused:

Me: The Peanut, she’s ornery I’m telling you.
Ms. B. Who’s that?
Me: The Peanut.
Ms. B: You’re naming the Peanut “Ornery?”
D: It’s French for Henry.
Ms. B: Henry is a boy’s name!
Me: That’s why we’ll call her Ornery-etta. 

In all seriousness, choosing a name is seeming impossible and overwhelming.  We had all agreed on a name for a boy (Samuel), but our list of potential girl names has at times pushed over 20 names.   I like Iris.  D likes Olive.  Ms. B. likes Lucy.  At least these are our preferences today.  Ask us again in a week and all three of us will probably give you a different answer.  I’m thinking we might still be picking a name on our way to the hospital:  Between contractions I will turn to D and ask, “What about Hazel?”  To which he will respond, “Eh.  No major objections.  We could add it to the list….” 

Perhaps we will draw names out of  a hat? Flip a coin? Phone a friend? Or a psychic?  How does anyone decide on a name for their child?   For those of you who have children (or perhaps pets that you treat like children), how did you decide on a name?

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  1. Nana Stephanie says:

    I must say that I still prefer “Justephanie.” But then I probably got it wrong. Ha.
    Nana Stephanie

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