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Peanut Update: 29 Weeks

Three pounds, 17 inches.  (She’s nearing the ‘height’ she will be at birth.  The remaining weeks will be spent primarily piling on the baby fat).  If born today she has a 90% chance of survival.  Most amazing: a study of … Continue reading

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Friday Fiction: “The Shut In”

It was an isolated existence.  She had enough perspective to be aware of that.  She knew a normal person could leave the House, and for that reason she knew she should see a doctor, a psychiatrist, even just another human … Continue reading

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Peanut Update: 25 Weeks

The Peanut is approximately 9 inches “tall” and weighs around a pound and a half.  The development of her senses has been the focus of the last few weeks.  She can now see, hear, taste and feel.  Or so they … Continue reading

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