Peanut Update: 29 Weeks

Three pounds, 17 inches.  (She’s nearing the ‘height’ she will be at birth.  The remaining weeks will be spent primarily piling on the baby fat).  If born today she has a 90% chance of survival.  Most amazing: a study of her brain waves at this stage would show that the Peanut has distinct and specific stages of sleep, including REM sleep.  In other words, she can dream.

We’re in the last trimester now.  The end is near and preparations for the Peanut’s arrival are getting more serious.  Last weekend D and I borrowed a truck and drove all over southern Johnson County picking up baby items which had been donated and shopping for those items which had not.  At this point in the pregnancy, I’m fairly useless, so this primarily involved me pointing and telling D what I wanted.  By the end of the day I had taken to saying, “Please don’t divorce me, but we have one more stop.”  D was an excellent sport.

Ms. B’s last day of school was yesterday and she promptly left for her dad’s for the summer.  As a result, D and I were able to walk our dog, Marvin, at 10:00 last night without much thought.  We think I must smell different to Marvin because throughout my pregnancy he has worked very hard at either pretending I don’t exist (“This isn’t happening.  This isn’t happening.”) or else staying very, very close and ‘herding’ me around the house like a sheep in desperate need of protecting.   Last night he was in ‘protector’ mode, constantly veering over to my side of the sidewalk, so close he would brush up against my leg as we walked.  As we walked, D and I joked that Marvin was going to have a rude awakening soon when the Peanut arrives and he will have to share his ‘parents.’  We sternly warned Marvin that he really needed to enjoy these last few weeks as an ‘only child.’ 

I thought the same could be said for D and me.  Although we always miss Ms. B.  terribly in the summers, we also have always treasured the vast swaths of unscheduled one-on-one time her summer visits to her dad’s have given us.  The Peanut’s arrival will be an adjustment for D and me as well.  For lack of a better way to put it, we are about to move from ‘part-time’ to ‘full-time’ parenting.  We will need to work hard over the coming weeks, even with all the preparations for the Peanut’s arrival, to stop, take a breath, and enjoy together these few lazy weeks of summer.

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One Response to Peanut Update: 29 Weeks

  1. Nana Stephanie says:

    Shannon this is really enjoyable to read. The Peanut is dreaming. How precious.

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