Sir Links-A-Lot

Besides the Peanut’s giggle, which became convincing only this evening, here is what I’m loving this week:

The Star Wars Trilogy in Paper

It’s a broad statement, but I find I am always drawn to anything involving paper. It probably comes from being the daughter of a printer. I also have a thing for the smell of books and ink. I thought this paper animation summarizing the Star Wars Trilogy in two minutes was fantastic. Particularly Messersmith’s soundtrack, “Tatooine.” More please Mr. Messersmith.

New Gloves for Fall

I have fantasies about being the type of knitter who can whip something like these out in the weekend.  Alas, I am not that type of knitter.  In fact, I am a pretty poor knitter.  My skill set is limited to square things. Blankets, scarves, these things I can do. Nevertheless, I’m very tempted to try these fingerless gloves just ’cause they look so dang pretty. 

Eggplant and Sausage Rigatoni

During the early weeks of my maternity leave, I watched a lot of Food Network and fantasized about having the energy to cook dinner again. “Tyler’s Ultimate” became a favorite show. I have noticed a pattern to his recipes: They use half of the pots and pans in my kitchen, they take twice as long as I think they should, and they taste fantastic. This has become one of the family’s favorites and is perfect for chilly fall evenings.

Paul Harding’s Tinkers

I’m willing to put a disclaimer on this: I recognize that this little novel is probably not for everyone.  But I thought it was beautiful.  It is a slim little book, and I originally thought that I would read it in just a couple of days. Instead, I took twice as long as I would with a book twice its size: I kept re-reading passages to savor Harding’s language.  My favorite line: “My memories of them were atmospheres.”  Gorgeous.

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3 Responses to Sir Links-A-Lot

  1. ames says:

    I love everything here. Except the book, which I’ve never actually heard of, but I love the quote.

  2. mom says:

    Star Wars Trilogy–fun. Creative

  3. Kristin Benjamin says:

    I love the Tinkers book quote, so I ordered it; downloaded the recipe, approve of your glove choice and am so happy to get your postings! Speaking of which, I have Laila’s birth announcement posted on the kitchen bulletin board. It is so sweet! Best to you all, Love, Kristin

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