Would You Rather . . .

Conversations during a recent road trip:


Me: Would you rather eat mushrooms or cockroaches?

Ms. B.: Um . . . Wait, are the mushrooms cooked?

Me: It matters?!?!


Ms. B.: Would you rather swim with sharks or jump out of a plane?

D: Jump out of a plane.

Ms. B.: But you don’t have a parachute.

D: Oh, well, then I guess swim with sharks.

Ms. B.: But they’re really hungry.

D: Why would I want to do either of those things?

Me: I think she’s trying to ask, “Would you rather die by shark or extreme blunt force trauma.”

Ms. B.: Yeah, that’s it.


D: Would you rather be kissed by the cutest boy in school, or dance with me in front of your friends?

Ms. B.: (mumbles)

D: What was that?

Ms. B.: (grumbles)

D: I can’t hear you.

Ms. B.: (dejected) Dance with you.

About Shannon K.

My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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4 Responses to Would You Rather . . .

  1. Kristin Benjamin says:

    Okay, lol again xoxo.

  2. kelly says:

    Awww, so funny 😀 Looove the question regarding the mushrooms– “it matters??” Hope you guys had a great weekend with L’s baptism!!

  3. judy hilton says:

    Love these stories! What a treasure that Ms B is.

  4. Nana Stephanie says:

    I love Miss B. with all my heart. I love her mind.
    What a kid.

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