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Linky Linky

This week’s favorite things: Chipotle Bean Burritos:  I went vegetarian at home this past fall (I’ll still eat meat occasionally when I go out to eat. I think this makes me “flexitarian”) and have been struggling to find easy weeknight … Continue reading

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11 Things I can do without in 2011: One

Last week I wrote one of those angry, venting journal entries that are always so cathartic (and, to ease any concerns of my mother or husband, also rare, I promise). It was a list of eleven things I can do … Continue reading

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Cute Baby, Bad Parents

I can’t decide if the Peanut is cute or if we, as parents, are mean. Right or wrong, D and I can’t stop chuckling about this Peanut quirk: I particularly like how her bib has gotten turned around like a … Continue reading

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Holidays 2010 Summary

Dear Lord. It’s been over a month since I posted anything.  That may be a record, even for me given how infrequently I post. In some ways, December just screamed past me. In others, its been one of the more … Continue reading

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