Gone Fishin’

Well, not literally. But something like that.  “I miss your blog,” my mom said over Easter. Crap. I hate disappointing my mom.  Now I feel like I’ve let down my only reader.  It’s just, I’ve been a little distracted by Will and Kate….

I kid. Actually, I’ve been distracted by violin concerts and soccer games, putting in a spring vegetable garden and making baby food, teething and swimsuit shopping with an adult-sized preteen daughter who is not buying my argument that turtleneck tank suits with skirts have a certain retro appeal.

I’ve also upped my part-time, work-from-home schedule with the idea that next month, when I Return to Work Full Time, my case load will be at full speed.  Mid-winter I would have told you I was SO READY to get back to a normal work routine.   I guess that’s still true.  It will be nice to have a dedicated office space and office hours, where I can earn the money needed to pay the bills without worrying about what the Peanut is putting in her mouth or pulling off the coffee table or, when that fails, how much I can get done in those increasingly short nap times (“What do you mean you don’t need a morning nap anymore?!”).  But then, spring arrived. And we started going on long walks to the park. And I had to go through the agonizing process of finding day care,  which made it all too real. And I had to take an overnight trip away from my family, which made me realize how much I would miss in a day. And now I’m thinking, WAIT! STOP!

Unfortnately, stopping time isn’t an option.  So with those last few weeks of spring that I have left, we’ve been doing a little of this:

And a whole lot of this:

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One Response to Gone Fishin’

  1. judy hilton says:

    Love your spring time activities. … and there will be more. Years more.

    Signed. Your devoted reader.

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