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Try Not to Panic

Today is Ms. B’s last day of school.  Which, in our house, means she will come home, pack her bags, and have a goodbye dinner.  Tomorrow morning she leaves for her dad’s, we’ll see her for two weeks in July, … Continue reading

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Maybe a Little Harsh

When Ms. B. was really little, people who didn’t know me and saw us in public frequently assumed I was her babysitter.  Then around the time she hit elementary school it all kind of quieted down for a while.  But … Continue reading

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Veggie Monday: Broiled Veggie Wraps

I first made these last week, and my non-vegetarian hubby asked for them again this week, so that’s always a good sign.  They’re also super-fast and super-easy, which is always appreciated on a week night. So put down the take … Continue reading

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On Two Babies, a Decade Apart

The lovely Michelle Horton, over at EarlyMama, has posted an interview of me today.  EarlyMama is about creating a community for young women who have become mothers before their peers.  When I discovered the site, I sent Michelle an email saying … Continue reading

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Either Or

I can’t decide how I feel about this new headband for the Peanut. I think part of my problem is because it’s white. Does this make you think: “Hey, look at that cute baby with the headband?” Or is it … Continue reading

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Ms. B: Mom, how tall are you? Me: 5’6″ Ms. B.: I’m only one inch shorter than you now. Me: What?! Ms. B.: Yeah, we measured at school. I’m 162 inches tall now. Me: No, you’re not. Ms. B.: Yes … Continue reading

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