Maybe a Little Harsh

When Ms. B. was really little, people who didn’t know me and saw us in public frequently assumed I was her babysitter.  Then around the time she hit elementary school it all kind of quieted down for a while.  But this year, as Ms. B. entered tween-hood (is that even a word? D. has problems with even the word ‘tween’), crossed the 5′ threshold, and started looking more like a young woman than a child, I’ve started to encounter the occasional assumption that we are sisters.  On a plane trip to Houston last week a gate clerk was particularly persistent about it:

Clerk: “Where are you two girls . . . wait, you are sisters, right?”

Me: “Ha ha, no. This is my daughter.”

Clerk: “What? No. You two are sisters.”

Ms. B. (horrified): “No! This is my mom.”

Clerk: “You’re foolin’ me. You two are sisters.”

Me: “Okay, moving on.”

Clerk: “Hope you sisters have a nice flight!”

As we walked away, Ms. B. turned to me,

Ms. B.: “That guy was an idiot.”

Me: “I think he was just trying to be nice.”

Ms. B.: “Jeez. I mean, there’s, like, ten years between us.”

Me: “Just ten?”

I’ve been chuckling about it all week. I’m not sure what it is. The way she hissed “idiot?” The assumption that ten years is a sufficient age difference between a mother and daughter? Her absolute horror at the thought that anyone would think I was her sister?

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4 Responses to Maybe a Little Harsh

  1. ames says:

    Hahaha! I laughed pretty hard at the “ten years” line. 🙂

  2. judy hilton says:

    Yes, pretty funny! Ms B knows how to let off the one-line zingers, but you know how to tell the story

  3. amy says:

    I had the exact opposite of this happen with a priest once. I have a brother that is 15 years younger than me whom I was holding at church one week. The priest assumed he was mine, and no amount of insisting could persuade him otherwise….

    Of course, 5 years later, I *did* have my own…so now I’ve experienced both sides…

    (ps…I think your daughter handled it exactly like I would like to!)

    amy @ glass confetti

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