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Peanut, running into the kitchen with her sheep shaped puzzle piece, holding it up in front of her face, and saying “Baaaaa,” laughing her head off and then running back out of the room. Ms. B. plotting how she can … Continue reading

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Ms. B. has always been tall.  Extremely tall. When she was little, I would take her in for her check-ups and the small dot on her growth chart for height would always be floating in the white space of the … Continue reading

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Onward and Upward – a bit of a ramble

Ms B. is starting the fourth quarter of her last year of elementary school: We’re rounding third, headed for home and she is certainly ready. As I was bitching to D about getting up early for the annual pancake breakfast and about going … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

I feel like I’m missing things. I stopped keeping up this blog because I felt like I was over-analyzing everything that I thought about putting up. It was stifling, and all I really want is something for the girls to … Continue reading

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