Back in the saddle

I feel like I’m missing things. I stopped keeping up this blog because I felt like I was over-analyzing everything that I thought about putting up. It was stifling, and all I really want is something for the girls to look back at when they are older. So, I thought I would go back to keeping a handwritten journal. (What? Pen?! and Paper?! So old-school!) It’s not public, so I can’t over-analyze, and it doesn’t require me to be near a computer.  These are plusses.  But, honestly, I haven’t been that good at keeping a journal either.  And I stopped carrying around my good camera because I didn’t need good pictures for the blog, which means I now have months and months where the only photos I have of the girls are mediocre iPhone photos. Unacceptable. So, back to the blog I go.  At least, with a blog, I have my parents to keep me honest.  Apparently, at the age of thirty-one, it’s still possible for your parents to make you feel guilty by saying something as innocuous as “I see you haven’t posted anything to your blog in a while, honey.”  No? Just me?

The result of no blogging, no journaling, is that the little stories that seem so memorable now will likely get forgotten, pushed to the side by new stories. Like how a goose at the zoo ate the Peanut’s french fry and she spent the rest of the day saying, “No no bird!” to anything with wings.  Or how Ms. B. and her friends say “So inappro-pro” instead of “That’s inappropriate” and it for some reason cracks me up every time.  About how the Peanut can now do puzzles and say the parts of her favorite books along with us when we read and I’m just amazed by how much that little brain expands and grows every day.  About how Ms. B. seems to be changing from a gangly kid into a young woman literally overnight.  How sometimes I look at her and am so amazed by how smart and mature and funny and beautiful she is that it makes me a little dizzy.

So, I’m back. Feeling a little lazy and sheepish. But hoping that you all, the few of you who are still left (Mom? Dad?), will help keep me honest.

About Shannon K.

My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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3 Responses to Back in the saddle

  1. ames says:

    I love your stories. Welcome back! I have guilt over my nonblogging as well, but sometimes you just have to go live life with your awesome Buddhists or your beautiful little girls or whatever the adventure of the day is that keeps you from writing.

    love love

  2. Judy Hilton says:

    Happy to keep you honest. You have such a wonderful way of writing and telling a story.

  3. dad says:

    If it takes guilt to keep these wonderful stories coming, I hope the guilt trip continues.

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