Peanut, running into the kitchen with her sheep shaped puzzle piece, holding it up in front of her face, and saying “Baaaaa,” laughing her head off and then running back out of the room.

Ms. B. plotting how she can get the maximum number of viewings of “The Hunger Games.” This generally involves not letting any two adults in her life see it at the same time. “First, you take me. Then D can take me. Then my dad can take me. Then Nana can take me….”

Peanut and “Go Dog Go!” (Or, as she calls it, “Go Go Puppy”): I swear, she’s “reading” this book. She may not know all the words, but as she flips through the pages she tells the story in her own limited vocabulary. When the bird crosses the street: “Oh no, bird! Stop Stop Puppies!” When the dogs go to sleep: “Shhhhhh Night night.” When the dogs wake up again: “Up! Up! Go go puppies!” When the cars race off to the tree in the distance: “Tree! Tree!” When they go up to the top and there’s a party: ” ‘rayyyyy!” As they drive away at the end: “Bye bye.”

This conversation between D and Ms. B:

D: Doesn’t your mom look cute?

Ms. B.: Ew! I don’t think of my mom that way! Ga-ross.

Peanut helping D pick up sticks in the yard, bringing them to him one at a time. With each stick she would say, “Here go.”

These moments before bath time:


This is less about avoiding bath time, and more because she thinks its hysterical to hear us say, “Oh no! We lost the baby again!”

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4 Responses to Vignettes

  1. ames says:

    Amy, standing in line to order her iced Americano (the junkie) at peets’s in Fremont on a Friday evening [not after work] when her phone tick tocks at her to notify her of an event when she happily discovers these smile inducing little vignettes. 🙂

  2. ames says:

    And by ‘peets’s’, my phone meant Peet’s, of course.

  3. Kristin Benjamin says:

    LOVE the photo!

  4. judy hilton says:

    Thanks for the smiles! Grammy

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