Peanut stayed home sick one day this week.  She had come home from daycare the day before with a low fever.  I had hoped it was just tied to her teething, and not a true sign of illness, but no such luck. When she woke up the next morning she looked so pitiful, I knew we would be staying home for the day.

Peanut has always been a bit of a snuggler.  She’ll climb in your lap and twist and squirm trying to get ThisMuchCloser and then she’ll turn around and give you a hug.  Peanut gives great hugs.  When she’s sick, it’s kicked up a notch – she’s inseparable. I had vague hopes of doing laundry and picking up the house since I was home for the day, but Peanut let me know she had other plans. 

Soon after breakfast she led me to the couch, placed a pile of books on my lap (brought there one at a time, of course) and climbed up beside me.  I arranged the blanket across our laps and there we stayed the rest of the morning, snuggled in close and reading books.  Every now and then I would start to feel a little anxious about the laundry or the work email I wasn’t responding to, but the Peanut would just snuggle in a little closer and put another book on my lap and I would decide that I just didn’t care.

I’m sorry you were sick, Peanut, but I’m not sorry we had that morning.

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My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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