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A sampling of recent phone calls from Ms. B.

So, Ms. B. is out of school for the summer and, God love her, is slowly but surely going to drive me crazy with calling and texting me at work.  A sampling: Ms. B. So, Lennah and I are going to … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl

I’d been in denial, refusing to believe.  But, I knew my place had been determined when the Peanut fell on the sidewalk and scraped her knee. A few steps behind her, I squatted down and held my arms open to … Continue reading

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Ms. B., while the Peanut was having a meltdown:  “I think she might be having a mid-life crisis.” At dinner one night Ms. B. asked, “What are pork chops made of?”  D. and I just stared at her and said, … Continue reading

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