A sampling of recent phone calls from Ms. B.

So, Ms. B. is out of school for the summer and, God love her, is slowly but surely going to drive me crazy with calling and texting me at work.  A sampling:

Ms. B. So, Lennah and I are going to go up to the park.

Ms. B (five minutes later): Actually, we’re going to go to Russell Stover’s

Ms. B (an additional five minutes later): Actually, I think we’re going to stay here.


Ms. B.: “Sooooo, Chloe has all of these water balloons…..”


Ms. B.: “Hey Mom, It’s Ms. B. … … … Nevermind.” (click).’


Ms. B: Hey Mom.

Me: Hi babe, what are you up to?

Ms. B.: I’m watching the Dr. Oz. show and I am learning about health and how to lose fat and I am learning that coffee is good for your skin.

Me: Excellent, I always like to learn that coffee is good for me…

Ms. B. I know, right?  Also, this guy Shawn is on there and he runs the hardest video workout made.  U can be fit and have a six pack in sixty days. It’s call Insanity.

Me: I’ve heard of it, I think it’s pretty intense…

Ms. B: It is because when u do the workout he made it so u work on your legs back stomach and arms all at the same time.  U only have to do fifteen minutes a day and in two months you will be awesome looking.

Me: I don’t think Insanity sounds like it would be a very healthy workout for someone your age, but you can come to the gym with me if you are interested in trying something else.

Ms. B: Oh. I don’t want to work out. Also, did you know that these pills just came out that act like the fountain of youth and make u look ten years younger?

Me: Seriously!?! Say ‘no’ to all pills. You’re starting to sound like an infomercial. Get off the couch.

Ms. B: What time does “So You Think You Can Dance” come on again?

About Shannon K.

My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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2 Responses to A sampling of recent phone calls from Ms. B.

  1. Judy Hilton says:

    Your blog posts re: Daddy’s Girl and Ms. B’s phone calls both brought smiles. Well written and entertaining.

  2. Kristin Benjamin says:

    LOLLL again!

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