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The one in which Mommy hurts the car.

I don’t want to cast blame or name names, but someone in my back seat on the drive in to work today was having a spectacular melt down over something having to do with her juice. Her name is Peanut. … Continue reading

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First Day Jitters

Ms. B. starts her first day of Middle School today. I think I’m more nervous than she is: Will she find all of her classes okay? Will she figure out how to work her locker combination? Will she figure out … Continue reading

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Miss Manners

The Peanut moved up to the toddler room with her recent birthday and they must be working on manners because the Peanut is ON it in that department. This evening, when I went to pick her up from daycare, she … Continue reading

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‘Cause I know the three of you don’t read this blog so that you can be updated on my caffeine consumption… The Peanut had her second birthday at the end of July and received a play kitchen. We put it … Continue reading

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