Random update

Just ’cause it’s been a while. Things have been a bit frantic with settling in to Middle School for Ms. B., adjusting to a new daycare classroom for the Peanut, a rash of car problems with my Subaru, a quick weekend trip for D and I up to Chicago, new braces and a renewed effort at potty training. And yet, with all of that, I don’t really feel like I have any stories to tell. I think I’ve just been too busy to slow down and remember.

Last Wednesday, after a really trying day at work, I went to pick up the Peanut from daycare and discovered that she had painted her hair red during arts and crafts time. Her teacher had managed to get most of it out, but her scalp was still tinted pink, and she had some red ‘highlights.’ When I got home, I learned that the reason my cell phone had been buzzing incessantly during my afternoon in court was because Ms. B. had lost her book bag, missed the bus, failed a pre-algebra quiz and figured out a way around the data-block on her cell phone, resulting in an irate D. The Peanut received a brisker than normal shampooing with her evening bath. For her part, Ms. B. had to listen to D and I blab at her about responsibility for a while and tell her that she couldn’t go to the local hangout with her friends after school on Friday (You would have thought that we said her punishment was to lose one of her legs). All four of us were in spectacular moods.

It all seems to have been forgotten by the weekend, however. Ms. B. was quick to laugh and suggest ice cream. The Peanut was full of one-liners, like when she walked out to the garage where D was working in his shop and asked, “Is Daddy cooking?”

On Sunday morning we made our weekly pilgrimage to The Church of the Holy Pancake, also known as Eggtc. Ms. B. experimented with coffee and we made jokes about it stunting her growth (Ironic, as she’s now officially taller than I am).

Normally the Peanut and I just share the food on my plate, but we noticed that this habit has led to her having no qualms about snatching food off of other people’s plates. Not the best table manners. Funnily enough, people can get touchy and territorial about the food on their plate. So we decided to order the Peanut her own kid’s pancake, to start making it clear that she has her food on her plate and my food is on my plate. When the waitress set down a fluffy golden pancake in front of the Peanut, she gleefully began to clap and chant, “Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!” Of course, the Peanut’s pancake belonged to the Peanut, and anything on my plate still seemed to be up for grabs, but, it’s a work in progress.

I feel like the rest of the weekend was spent manhandling the house back into order, and vowing (once again) to never let it get that bad again. For several weeks now I have had a stack of fabric and some Heidi and Finn patterns to make some fall clothes for the Peanut (their patterns are some of the best out there, by the way) and I’ve been feeling frustrated by the fact that I haven’t written anything other than these blog posts since returning to work full-time (yes, that would be fifteen months ago – I keep thinking that can’t be right. I must have written something, right? But it’s the sad sad truth. Not even the scribble of half a sentence on the back of a receipt). I just keep running out of hours in the day and days in the week.

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  1. eenunc8@gmail.com says:

    For not having anything to write, it seems like there was plenty to share. Hope this week is easier for all of you.

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