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May she never meet a speech path….

As I hinted in my last post, the Peanut, like any good two-year-old, has several endearing speech quirks that make my heart melt with love. I know most (all) of these will self-correct on their own, but I wish they wouldn’t … Continue reading

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When I drop the Peanut off at daycare, the Peanut still tries to climb my face in an attempt to get me to stay while declaring to all the other kids, ‘My Mommy!’ in a ‘back off’ tone. But when … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s hard

The other day I was writing an email to a friend that started out with every intention of being a “Hey what’s going on with you? Here’s what’s going on with me” sort of thing.  Instead it quickly devolved into one … Continue reading

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Recently overheard at our house

“Mom. Honestly. It’s called a turn signal.  You should try using one some time.” —– “Why do kids say ‘KK’ now instead of ‘OK?’” “I think it’s because it’s easier to spell.” “…. Are you messing with me?” —– “Somebody … Continue reading

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