When I drop the Peanut off at daycare, the Peanut still tries to climb my face in an attempt to get me to stay while declaring to all the other kids, ‘My Mommy!’ in a ‘back off’ tone. But when D recently dropped the Peanut off at daycare, she apparently turned to him and said, “Daddy, you go to work!”  Complete with finger pointing at the door.  Maybe there is some love-equality in this family after all…


Ms. B.: There’s a girl in my social studies class who I’m pretty sure would be your best friend.

Me: Why’s that?

Ms. B.: I don’t know, she just reminds me of you.

Me: You mean she’s gorgeous and hilariously funny?

Ms. B.: Uh, no.  I was always under the impression that you were an awkward nerd in middle school who was afraid to talk to anyone.

Me: Ooof. That hurts.

(Ms. B. later confessed that the girl in social studies is like me because she’s nice and really smart.  Win! … Maybe this post is all about me…)


Nana: No, giving her a knife would be a bad idea.

Ms. B.: What about a really fancy fork?

(Maybe you had to be there for this one…)


Buddy has resumed his ‘favorite lovey’ status with the Peanut.  I think she feels a little bad about dumping him for that week a while back.  Now, whenever she drops him on the ground, she quickly picks him up, holds him close to her face, and seriously asks, “You okay?”  She’ll ask him several times, just to be sure.


The Peanut “shups” doors, eats “roni” for dinner, asks us to “yook” at books with her…


We’ve instituted time out for when the Peanut is particularly out of control (hitting, screaming, etc.). While the Peanut huffs in a corner, we sit with her, slowly counting, until her breathing has returned to normal and that crazy look has left her eyes.  We’ve noticed she’s gotten a lot better at counting to ten all by herself since this started…

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My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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2 Responses to Vignettes

  1. Judy Hilton says:

    Love MsB’s sharp wit!

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