Vignettes – Peanut Edition

In the mornings I ask Peanut how she would like me to fix her hair, and she tells me she wants either “pony hair” or “piggy hair.” She also sometimes wants a bow in her hair, which she calls “my rainbow.”


D: “Are you Daddy’s clever little fox?”
Peanut: “Clifford’s not a fox! He’s a big boy!”


Peanut has fallen prey to the cult of the Disney Princess. Her favorite is “Panutzle” (Rapunzel) closely followed by “Poke-a-on-it” (Pocahontas).


Ms. B: “Peanut, I bet I can make you laugh.” (Starts making silly noises and faces).
Peanut: “Pooooop!”
Ms. B: (Busts out laughing, while Peanut just grins)
(Apparently Peanut already appreciates the infallibility of a good poop joke. I’ve never been more proud).


Speaking of making Peanut laugh: In addition to demanding I sing her songs and reminding me of where I may or may not have had an accident, the Peanut’s favorite car game is to ask me where various family members are at the moment.

Peanut: “Where’s Sissy?”
Me: “She’s at school.”
Peanut: “Where’s Daddy?”
Me: “He’s at work.”
Peanut: “Where’s Grammy?”
Me: “She’s in Abilene, with Granddad and Uncle Sean.”
Peanut: “Where’s Nana?”
Me: “Well, she’s probably at school, too, because she’s a teacher.”
Peanut: Nana’s teacher?!?! (starts crazy belly laugh).
Me: “Yeah, Nana’s a teacher for big kids like Sissy.”
Peanut: (Continues laughing uncontrollably).
Me: “Is it funny that Nana’s a teacher?”
Peanut: “Nana’s not a teacher!” (chortling)
Me: “No, she really is! I promise!”
Peanut: (sobering). “Mommy,” (in a tone that says ‘Please be serious’), “Nana NOT a teacher.”
Me: “She is!”
Peanut: “No, Mommy. She NOT a teacher.”
Me: “Okay, then. Have it your way.”
Peanut: “Nana. Not. A. Teacher.”
Me: “Okay… But she is.”

Congrats, Nana. Looks like you don’t have to show up for that pesky teaching job any more. Peanut forbids it.

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My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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2 Responses to Vignettes – Peanut Edition

  1. Kelly says:

    Hah!! LOVE the story about Nana not being a teacher… TOO funny. Don’t you just WONDER what she thinks Nana is doing with her time then?? ;-D

  2. Nana Kelman Thornton says:

    LOL. I can’t wait to discuss what she thinks I do all day. Love, Nana (the teacher)

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