Evening Commute

Yesterday I ducked out of work early for a Mother’s Day party at the Peanut’s daycare. We decorated a popsicle-stick picture frame with foam shapes and glitter and ate cookies that had clearly been heavily frosted and sprinkled by the kids. The Peanut was nothing but sweetness, excited to have me there, until we went to leave. As we headed for the door, her teacher asked if she could take a picture of us to put in the frame we made. The Peanut promptly shoved both hands in her mouth and scowled at the camera while I tried to tickle her into a smile. She wasn’t having it.

Picture taking over, we loaded ourselves into my car (the Peanut tells me its HER car…) and headed for home. The Peanut was quiet most of the way, probably still upset that we dared to try to take her picture, until suddenly she came to life.

Peanut: “Mommy! Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING ME?!”

Me: “Uh, I don’t think so….”

Peanut: “That whole cookie is in my tummy!”

Me: “It WAS a pretty wild and crazy time.”

Peanut: “Yeah! It was tasty!”

The Peanut was silent for a few more minutes. Then,

Peanut: “Hey! There’s a SPRINKLE on my hand!”

Me: “From the cookie?”

Peanut: “Yeah! The Sprinkle! It’s on my hand!!!”

Me: “Well, you better lick it.”

Peanut: “No, Mommy. It’s just for eyes.”

The backseat grew quiet again. Then, “Mommy! I licked it! I licked it off my hand! It was tasty!”

The Peanut was funny not just for what she was saying that drive home (“Are you kidding me?” “It’s just for eyes.”), but for the exuberant, caps lock, exclamation point way she was speaking in between long silences.

We recently decided to move the Peanut, starting this summer, from her daycare near my office, to a preschool that’s just two blocks from our house. I’m excited for her to start preschool, but I’m really, really, really going to miss our conversations in the car while we drive to and from daycare. It’s often my favorite part of my workday, and my commute is about to start seeming a whole lot lonelier. I might just have to unnecessarily drive her around a bit in the mornings, just to hear that adorable chatter coming from the back seat.

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One Response to Evening Commute

  1. Judy Hilton says:

    What precious moments of sharing! You’ll have to walk home from her new preschool.

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