Meow Meow

The Peanut has always had an active imagination, but for a good six months or more now she’s been operating under the unshakable belief that she is a cat.  She’s remarkably committed: if left to her own devices she would only ‘speak’ to us in ‘meow.’  This has resulted in some ridiculous conversations.

Me: “Peanut, do you want milk or juice with dinner?”

Peanut: “Meow Meow.”

Me: “I need you to tell me, Please.”

Peanut: “I’m a kitty, Meow Meow!”

Me: “Well, Kitty, I need you to use your words to tell me what you want, meow meow.”

Peanut: “Milk, please, meow meow!”

Rinse. Repeat.  When we fix her hair, she won’t let us put it in a pony tail, but a ‘kitty tail’ (which is the same thing, by the way) is completely acceptable.  It recently came to my attention that the kids at preschool don’t call her Peanut; they call her Kitty.  I kind of love it. I’m not really a ‘cat person,’ but I’m perfectly happy to let the Peanut be Kitty all day long.

Last night as I was driving the Peanut home she said, “Ms. Katie says there are no kitties allowed at school.”  I’d admittedly had a really long day, but my first response was to be furious. Not allowed?  I had to tamp down a completely inappropriate response, like, “Well, you can tell Ms. Katie to suck it.”  Probably wouldn’t have been my best move. The Peanut was probably doing something like refusing to use her hands while she was eating lunch because kitties eat with just their mouths (this has happened before).  But it still makes me a little angry.  Who are you to tell my Kitty she’s ‘not allowed.’

As of 1:45 this afternoon Ms. B. will officially be a Freshman in high school.  I think I’ve been too busy to have a full-blown freak out over this, but whenever I stop to really think about it, my head spins a little bit.  A Freshman? I’m not entirely sure how this has happened. Time.  It just moves so breath-takingly fast. Age 3 is over and in the past before you can even really process it.  If, when she’s ready to start her own Freshman year of high school, the Peanut still believes she’s a cat and wants to wear a tail and ears to school, then we’ll have a talk about was is and is not ‘allowed.’  For now? Just let her be a cat, meow meow.


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One Response to Meow Meow

  1. Judy Hilton says:

    Love, meow, meow!

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