Peanut: “Little girls are actually little women.”

D: “That’s true.  And what are little boys?”

Peanut: “Spiders.”


Ms. B: “You know what word makes me feel uncomfortable: lukewarm


(Overheard while the girls were bickering with each other downstairs)

Ms. B: “You’re kind of being a brat right now.”

Peanut: “MOMMY!!! Sissy called me a BAT!!!”


(Background: Peanut has picked up this preschool slang where, whenever she or anyone makes a mistake (say, she colored something ‘wrong’ in her coloring book, or tripped, or something. Actually, sometimes she’ll say it when she does something right, too.  It’s not terribly consistent, this preschool slang). Anyway, when she makes a mistake she’ll say, “Boomed it! Boomed it! Boomed it!”  The rest of us have started picking it up, too).

D: “Boomed it!”

Peanut: “No, Daddy.  Boomed it is over now.”

D: “Why’s that?”

Peanut: “Ms. Dana (teacher) says, ‘No more boomed it.'”

D: “Why? Were you saying it to tease your friends and they didn’t like that?”

Peanut: “No. I was just being obnoxious.”


About Shannon K.

My name is Shannon. I make stuff up.
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2 Responses to Vignettes

  1. Judy Hilton says:

    Thanks for my smile for today. Boomed it!

  2. Kristin Benjamin says:

    Peanut’s teacher must have a number of stories. xo

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