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Peanut: “Little girls are actually little women.” D: “That’s true.  And what are little boys?” Peanut: “Spiders.” ———— Ms. B: “You know what word makes me feel uncomfortable: lukewarm ———— (Overheard while the girls were bickering with each other downstairs) … Continue reading

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Eighteen months ago, I was in a pretty low place. I was still posting to the blog about the girls, but there were also a lot of ‘private’ posts where I vaguely wrote about how much my life sucked. About how worthless … Continue reading

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Meow Meow

The Peanut has always had an active imagination, but for a good six months or more now she’s been operating under the unshakable belief that she is a cat.  She’s remarkably committed: if left to her own devices she would … Continue reading

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“Maybe you have mono…”

Last Sunday, mid afternoon, I went from feeling maybe a little tired from cooking and cleaning all day, to feeling seriously ‘need-to-lay-down-now’ ill. It felt almost instantaneous. I could actually feel the precise moment the fever rolled in through my … Continue reading

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Growing Up

Oma (commenting on Halloween costume number three for the Peanut): “I love your wings. Can I wear them?” Peanut: “No. You’re too big.  Maybe when you grow up little you can wear wings and trick or treat and get candy!” … Continue reading

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When was my last blog post? (Checking) August 28th.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to blog. Its that finding time is hard (stupid excuses).  But it’s necessary.  Because when I logged in today I found this forgotten little conversation … Continue reading

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Protected: In Progress

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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My house is not on fire, but things are not ‘fine’

A few years ago, I was chatting with an old friend about this and that and the weather and other little bits of every day nothingness when, fifteen minutes into the conversation she said, “Well, I’m actually not looking for … Continue reading

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The Peanut is deep in the world of pretend this summer. This morning, I couldn’t get her out of bed and ready for school unless I addressed her as “Baby Dinosaur” and squawked questions like “Do baby dinosaurs eat strawberries … Continue reading

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I will finish this post.

Blogging. I did pretty good there for about a month, and then I just fell off the wagon. I feel like nothing has been happening, while simultaneously running around like a maniac because I’m so busy. It’s a failure of … Continue reading

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