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Peanut: “Little girls are actually little women.” D: “That’s true.  And what are little boys?” Peanut: “Spiders.” ———— Ms. B: “You know what word makes me feel uncomfortable: lukewarm ———— (Overheard while the girls were bickering with each other downstairs) … Continue reading

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When was my last blog post? (Checking) August 28th.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to blog. Its that finding time is hard (stupid excuses).  But it’s necessary.  Because when I logged in today I found this forgotten little conversation … Continue reading

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I’ve been saying the word “yikes” a lot lately. Too much. Way too much. The Peanut screams, “Yikes! Inside voice please!” D says he has to work late, “Yikes! That doesn’t sound like fun!” Ms. B. remembers at 9:30 pm … Continue reading

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Vignettes – Peanut Edition

In the mornings I ask Peanut how she would like me to fix her hair, and she tells me she wants either “pony hair” or “piggy hair.” She also sometimes wants a bow in her hair, which she calls “my … Continue reading

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I know, I KNOW, I know.

I know. It’s been a while. My job has been a little….  shall we say ‘high maintenance?’  I sort of feel that this type of post is the cheater’s way to blog, but they’re easy. And when I’m out of … Continue reading

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And from then on, it was nothing but chaos.

*Note: Having finished writing this behemoth of a post, I would like to come back to the beginning to point out to my Mother that she asked for this…* So, yesterday afternoon, just before I left work, I started writing … Continue reading

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Cooler than I’ll ever be

“So H told C that he liked her, but that she couldn’t tell anybody, but then C went and told B, who is H’s best friend, and then B asked H if he and C were going out, so H … Continue reading

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Random update

Just ’cause it’s been a while. Things have been a bit frantic with settling in to Middle School for Ms. B., adjusting to a new daycare classroom for the Peanut, a rash of car problems with my Subaru, a quick … Continue reading

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There has been a renewed effort, recently, to try to convince my Dad to stop smoking.  That’s his own personal battle, one I know he has waged for many years, and there is little to nothing I can actually do … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl

I’d been in denial, refusing to believe.  But, I knew my place had been determined when the Peanut fell on the sidewalk and scraped her knee. A few steps behind her, I squatted down and held my arms open to … Continue reading

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