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“Maybe you have mono…”

Last Sunday, mid afternoon, I went from feeling maybe a little tired from cooking and cleaning all day, to feeling seriously ‘need-to-lay-down-now’ ill. It felt almost instantaneous. I could actually feel the precise moment the fever rolled in through my … Continue reading

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Protected: In Progress

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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My house is not on fire, but things are not ‘fine’

A few years ago, I was chatting with an old friend about this and that and the weather and other little bits of every day nothingness when, fifteen minutes into the conversation she said, “Well, I’m actually not looking for … Continue reading

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I will finish this post.

Blogging. I did pretty good there for about a month, and then I just fell off the wagon. I feel like nothing has been happening, while simultaneously running around like a maniac because I’m so busy. It’s a failure of … Continue reading

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Seeking Rationality

Recent debates with my two-year-old: Whether or not the sippy cup she was requesting was already in her hand. Whether or not I could take the hair she found on her sleeve and reattach it to her head. Whether it … Continue reading

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Morning Commute

Peanut: “I wanna sing the cow, Mommy!” Me (having been well educated by the Peanut as to exactly what this means): “Alright. ‘Old MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o. And on that farm he had a cow. E-i-e-i-o.’ What do cows … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s hard

The other day I was writing an email to a friend that started out with every intention of being a “Hey what’s going on with you? Here’s what’s going on with me” sort of thing.  Instead it quickly devolved into one … Continue reading

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And from then on, it was nothing but chaos.

*Note: Having finished writing this behemoth of a post, I would like to come back to the beginning to point out to my Mother that she asked for this…* So, yesterday afternoon, just before I left work, I started writing … Continue reading

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‘Cause I know the three of you don’t read this blog so that you can be updated on my caffeine consumption… The Peanut had her second birthday at the end of July and received a play kitchen. We put it … Continue reading

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There has been a renewed effort, recently, to try to convince my Dad to stop smoking.  That’s his own personal battle, one I know he has waged for many years, and there is little to nothing I can actually do … Continue reading

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